Tubecore Duo speaker blows through Kickstarter, ships this summer

Kickstarter is full of success stories, if you know where to look, and honored in its hallowed halls is the Tubecore Duo, a sleek speaker for audiophiles that has recently been updated with additional details. If all goes as planned, the speaker will be sent out to backers this coming summer, complete with a beautiful wood body.

The Tubecore Duo met its Kickstarter funding goal back in September — $20,000 — and then promptly exceeded it, ultimately scoring $136,640 from backers before the campaign ran out. With those funds will come stretch goals that result in a better product for consumers, the folks behind the speaker revealed yesterday, including additional wood choices.

With the Tubecore Duo comes a dual-tube class-a preamp and solid state 100-watt amp, all of it accompanied with two 4-inch speakers. The speaker is equipped with all the connectivity options an audiophile could want, as well: Bluetooth, a couple USB ports, headphones jack, as well as HDMI for use with a TV and Ethernet for taking it online.

As far as the design itself goes, the Duo features such details as an anodized aluminum control knob, Sapele wood (and soon to be additional wood options), and 37 grille cover color options. All of it merges together to make a sophisticated and attractive speaker, that includes either a Raspberry Pi or UDOO computer onboard.

SOURCE: Digital Trends