TruConnect Mobile Offers Pay-As-You-Go Internet

TruConnect is partnering with the nation's third largest carrier to bring you pay-as-you-go internet starting at a low $4.99 per month rate. Each MB of data used costs 3.9 cents on top of the low base rate. The service can be had either through a USB dongle or a MiFi WiFi mobile hotspot device.

Starting off, TruConnect only provides 3G access, but will eventually provide access to 4G WiMAX as well. The service works for connecting both your laptop or your tablet to a 3G connection while you're on the go and there are no contracts or activation fees.

If you're a heavy mobile data user, however, the plan may not be to your advantage. At 3.9 cents per MB, the plan equates to $39 per month for 1GB of data usage on top of the $4.99 a month base charge. You can get a 2GB data plan for your iPad on AT&T for $25 a month or a 2GB Verizon data plan for $30 a month.

But if you only occasionally need to access internet while on the go from your laptop or tablet, the TruConnect service gives you that option without having to pay for data that you don't use. You will have to pay for the devices themselves though, with the USB dongle priced at $70 and the MiFi mobile hotspot priced at $90.

[via Cult of Mac]