Tron scooter is perfect for tiny Users

It's no surprise to me that geeks tend to get their kids geeky toys. When my son was little the rode this red plastic motorcycle everywhere, wearing a motocross jersey that was five sizes too big. He would jump anything the bike and his 3-year-old-legs could make it over. If they had this Tron scooter when he was little you can bet he would have been rocking one. This scooter was apparently created by a designer at the Trek bicycle company.

It reminds me a lot of that scooter my son had when he was a toddler. It has only two wheels, but those wheels are very wide and allow the scooter to stand up on its own so the little one doesn't need to balance. The Trek designer responsible for this epic scooter is Ryan Callahan. Sadly, the scooter is only a concept. This toy needs to be built; I know they would sell a bunch of them.

In fact, if they made a light cycle style bike for adults and bigger kids I bet they would sell too. Naturally, the thing would have to be Disney licensed and that would make it very expensive. What do you think; would you pay a premium for a kid's toy this cool?

[via Dvice]