Trojan Condoms to participate in 2011 CES show

Shane McGlaun - Dec 28, 2010
Trojan Condoms to participate in 2011 CES show

For a long time when you travel down to Vegas for CES there has been some sort of porn convention going on at the same time. The porn show and the CES exhibits have shared some of the same convention buildings before, which makes for a strange mix of geeks with some real skanks wondering about outside the convention halls. As the years go by it seems that the comingling of convention space is leading to some comingling of exhibitors as well.

Trojan Condoms has announced that it will be on hand at CES 2011. I am sure you are familiar with Trojan, the brand that has been keeping you from knocking up your ol’ lady for years. Apparently, CES is the perfect place to unveil a new line of condoms and some sort of vibrating adult novelty.

If you wonder why Trojan is at the show, take it from Dr. Michael Harrison, whose official title is chief scientist and condom developer (seriously). He said, “At the show you’ll see ultra thin TV’s, tiny solid state hard drives and thousands of other innovations designed to improve the consumer experience. It’s a show dedicated to inventiveness, and that’s exactly why we’re here. We’ll be announcing a collection of new products in early January that we believe are every bit as innovative as some of the bigger consumer electronics announcements, and certainly as important.” I wonder what kind of swag they will be handing out at their booth and if they will be asking geeks at the show for product reviews.

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