Tritton announces MWS300 USB thin client for Microsoft Multipoint Server 2010

Virtualization is a great thing in many instances. In the office or school, it can allow multiple workers to use a single computer saving money and time setting up a network. Microsoft recently announced its Multipoint Server 2010 OS that is specifically designed to allow multiple users to work from one computer at the same time.

Tritton has now announced a new multiuser thin client specifically for Multipoint Server 2010 that will be shipping this year. The device is called the MWS300. Up to ten of the MWS300 devices are supported per server and each device allows one users to have their own desktop.

The MWS300 connects to the server with a single USB cable and features VGA out for video, audio and mic ports, and four USB ports for connecting peripherals like a mouse and keyboard. Video resolution up to 1600 x 1200 for standard displays or 1680 x 1050 for widescreen displays is supported. Tritton is withholding pricing at this point and will announce the price closer to the ship date.