Tripcast takes travel journaling to the next level

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 29, 2014
Tripcast takes travel journaling to the next level

The days of sorting through hundreds of printed photos has been replaced by having to sort through hundreds of digital photos. Tagging makes this task a bit easier, but still not quite satisfactory for those times you want to reminisce or show off your latest vacation. That’s where Tripcast comes in.

Tripcast — available for both iOS and Android — lets users snap pictures and keep them in a single album for that trip, which can be shared with other users. The same images can also be plotted on a map, which lets you easily see where they were taken.

The map is an important part of the app, and will keep track of where all the user has gone while traveling. Others who have been invited to your travel log can see the images and where they were taken, and can communicate with the traveler through comments and such.

Overall, the app is simple to use, and works basically like a very private travel-centric social network. Once the trip is over, users can download all the photos that have been tagged, as well, for use elsewhere. The app is free to install.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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