TRIO promises the triple screen laptop of your dreams

When Razer unveiled its Project Valerie prototype at CES 2017, it unsurprisingly became the butt of jokes. While having a multi-monitor setup on a desk isn't exactly novel, having a laptop with three screens is just a few steps shy of ridiculous. Of course, the same benefits apply but the inconvenience and price of such a contraption are almost unthinkable. Along comes Mobile Pixels with the idea to simply stick on or two screens on any laptop and call it TRIO.

It's hardly the first time anyone thought of adding external screens to a laptop to have that same productive multi-monitor setup. After all, that's why portable external monitors exist in the first place. It did, however, take some time for technology to reach the point that, with a bit of imagination and daring, the idea can be commoditized.

What makes Mobile Pixels' TRIO really special is its mounting system. The TRIO attaches magnetically to the back of the laptop screen and a special clip system lets you add one or two screens that slide in and out from the sides. Technology-wise, the screens simply use USB-C to simplify the connection for power and data.

Another unique feature of the setup is that the screens can have more than just one position. The two screens can be folded back to form a triangle, giving everyone around a view of the screens. It can even be detached and set up vertically to the side.

The TRIO comes in two sizes, a regular 12.5-inch and a 14-inch Pro model, both with 1080p resolutions. It's currently on Kickstarter where interest in the product allowed it to blaze through the campaign with 24 days left. A single TRIO starts at $199 but a duo TRIO goes for $349 for early birds.