Triggertrap lets geeky photogs control how and when their camera snaps

If you have a cool camera that you take with you wherever you go and want a gadget that will let you play with that camera in new and interesting ways, the Triggertrap on Kickstarter right now might interest you. This is a small box concept looking for the loot to come to market. As of right now, the Triggertrap has more than the amount it needs to come into the real world.

The project was seeking $25,000 and as of now it has $26,461 and it still has 25 more days to go. The Triggertrap is an interesting concept that will allow a photographer to trigger their camera to take a photo in several ways. The device supports triggering via a laser beam where when the beam is broken the camera snaps.

The Triggertrap will also take a photo based on sound allowing you to clap to shoot a photo. Triggertrap also supports time lapse photography. The cool part is that the Triggertrap has an Aux input that will allow the user to think up just about any way possible to trigger the camera. There will be a finished version ready to use out of the box and a DIY version that the user builds. The DIY version is Arduino-based.

[via Kickstarter]