Triagonale multi-input hearing aid concept hooks up cellphones, PMPs, but is it anything new?

Chris Davies - May 26, 2007

Fresh from the “why the hell didn’t I think of that?” files comes a gadget that might do for hearing aids what Sean Connery did for toupees.  Intended to streamline the path between audio augmentation and today’s technology such as mobile phones and PMPs, the concept from Triagonale not only amplifies speech and ambient sound but offers an interface to music, cellphones and other sound sources.


 Triagonale Hearing Aid concept

Thing is, this isn’t actually anything new.  A company called ELI manufacture a small adaptor which adds Bluetooth to an existing hearing aid, giving 2.5 hours talktime and 140 hours standby, and it’s already on the market.

ELI Bluetooth hearing aid adaptor

Triagonale [via Gizmodo]

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