Treo 750 Juicy Feature List

John of CrunchGear just informed me that the new antenna-less Treo we've been covering is indeed going to be versioned Treo 750.  As to which "750" it's still unclear whether this will be the same 750 as the "Lennon" that is coming to Cingular in October, or if it's the rumored 750v, which is the European only version.  John also confirms that the "Lennon" (possibly named the 750w) will feature WiFi, but it's still a mystery if this device will include UMTS and class 10 EDGE.  The "Nitro" is a PalmOS based 750 (possibly named the 750p) will sport similar stats, with higher resolution, but lacks WiFi – Boo!  It's hard for me to believe that these two new Treo 750 will sport the same 1.3 megapixel as the current Treos, with only resolution of 240x240.

I'll be sure to update any new info that should come along between now and the morning of Sept 12.  Again, I have the first slot to meet with Palm for a detail briefing at 10AM – and hour after the official announcement out of Europe.  So, make sure you check back for more detail images as well as video for your viewing pleasure!