TRENDnet powerline adapter rocks four gigabit ports

Shane McGlaun - Mar 16, 2012
TRENDnet powerline adapter rocks four gigabit ports

TRENDnet has unveiled a new powerline networking adapter that has a really cool feature that anyone who uses a powerline network in their home will appreciate. The adapter is called the TPL-405E and has a quartet of gigabit network ports on one adapter for multiple devices. I use powerline networking upstairs in my house where Wi-Fi connectivity is spotty and have wished on more than one occasion the adapter had more than one port so I could plug in all of the devices in the entertainment center.

This adapter is capable of 500 Mbps speeds and has 4 Gb ports on the bottom. Four ports would be enough to connect my cable box, Xbox, Wii, and PS3 with a single adapter. That would be great, and all four the devices can get the same 500 Mbps speed. The adapter has a sync button to automatically exchange encryption keys for easy and secure set up.

The adapter also has an LED display for telling which ports are used in when it has connectivity along with technology to save up to 70% in power consumption when the device is on standby. The adapter is shipping right now for $109.99.

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