Trendnet Powerline 500 networking series grows at CES 2014

Trendnet has been making powerline networking gear for a long time. This sort of networking hardware is perfect for users who can't get a decent WiFi signal in all parts of their home or office. The Powerline gear sends data over the electric lines in your home. Trendnet has announced some new Powerline 500 networking gear at CES 2014.

The new Powerline networking gear includes three new products. The products include the Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter Kit (model TPL-408E2K), Powerline 500 AV2 Wireless Access Point (model TPL-410AP), and Powerline 500 Wireless Kit (TPL-410APK). The 408E2K adapter kit has a pair of TPL-408E adapters capable of 500 Mbps networking speeds. The TPL-408E2K kit sells for $109.99.

The TPL-410AP is a powerline adapter that is designed to act as a WiFi access point to extend your wireless network into hard to reach areas with powerline networking. The product promises 500 Mbps powerline networking via two Ethernet ports and 300 Mbps Wireless N. The TPL-410AP is $124.99 and will be available in February.

The final new product is the TPL-410APK Powerline 500 Wireless Kit. This kit includes the TPL-406E and TPL-410AP adapters. It will be available in February for $124.99. This kit has a pair of Ethernet ports on the adapter and creates a Wireless N network.

SOURCE: Trendnet