Trekkie transforms basement into U.S.S. Enterprise

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 11, 2014
Trekkie transforms basement into U.S.S. Enterprise

Fans come in many flavors, the die-hard of which usually go to extremes to show their fondness for the subject of their adoration. One such Star Trek fan, Anthony Sforza of Long Island, has done just this by transforming his basement into a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s bridge.

The basement creation was the next logical step after years of collecting an impressive array of Star Trek memorabilia, kicking off in 2010 and taking three years (about 1500 hours) to complete.

His basement is a replica of the NX-01’s bridge, part of which is a section from the original set. Says Sforza, he dismantled that original set piece in order to find out what materials and colors were used, and based the rest of his construction on that.

Sforza’s wife supported his efforts, and his young sons, as you might expect, find the basement transformation to be “cool”. His sister, however, had some good-natured criticism, saying, “I think he’s a freak.” For other Star Treks news, hit up the timeline below.

SOURCE: New York Post

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