Treadway Wearable mobility motorized shoes debut

Shane McGlaun - Jul 6, 2010
Treadway Wearable mobility motorized shoes debut

Most of us are familiar with James Dyson, the guy behind the vacuum cleaners that seem to be on every other commercial and those cool new bladeless fans. Dyson also runs a design award contest called the James Dyson Award.

Designers submit their projects and the winning design gets put into production. One of the designs is suitable geeky and is called Treadway Wearable Mobility. Basically, we are talking motorized shoes. The Treadway design has a wireless control operated by hand and the motors get power from rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.

The devices slip over your existing shoes and are intended to make traveling that last mile to public transportation easier. These things look really geeky and are sort of like a high tech pair of Heelys kids wear all over the place.

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