Travel Vest is a geek's best friend

Technophiles tend to travel with lots of hardware and gadgets. Each of those gadgets often needs its own charger and we need cables to connect those gadgets to other device. In short, we need lots of space for our electronics when we travel. If you are trying to cram your clothes and your electronics into one carry-on, it can be difficult.

SeV/Scottevest has a new vest called the Travel Vest for Men that might well be the answer to how to pack electronics and gadgets for the frequent traveler. The maker says the vest is like a second carry on, and that is accurate. The thing is festooned with pockets for all sorts of gear.

You can fit in your iPhone, iPod, passport, water bottle keys, shades, and a ton more stuff into the 22 various pockets inside and outside the vest. There is even a big pocket designed for the iPad. When you go through security, you just take off the vest and let it go through the x-ray machine. The vest can be had now in black, red, or beige for $100 in various sizes.