Trap it is like a web search version of Siri

If you have been following Siri in the iPhone 4S closely, you might be interested in this. Siri sprang from a DARPA program that was looking into artificial intelligence. A new web discovery engine is set to debut that sprang form that same program that sired Siri. The web discovery engine is called Trapit. Trapit is an interesting concept that works by having the user type key words in rather than by voice like Siri.

The user can type in a couple keywords and Trapit will search around the web looking for images, video, recipes and other content on the topic entered. That sounds a lot like Google at first glance, but Trapit has another trick up its sleeves. Once you put in those keyboards and send Trapit out to find your information, you can save that inquiry.

Once it is saved Trapit will continue to dig around the web and will find all new content related as it is published and offer that up to you as well. The traps sound like Google alerts to me. The topic streams you create on Trapit are the "traps" for your information.

[via Venture Beat]