Transparentius road view system by Art Lebedev - a lifesaver concept?

Renowned for innovative and out-of-this-world design behind products in the vein of the Optimus Maximus OLED-based keyboard, design house Art Lebedev Studio has come up with a new road safety concept dubbed the Transparentius.  How does it work?  It's implemented by essentially delivering and projecting images from a video signal taken from the camera system in the front of a truck to the back door panels.

The obvious motivation for such a system is that hulking mega-sized trucks frequently are obviously visual impediments in terms of allowing drivers to have access to the maximum amount of visible information, whether they choose to pass, change lanes, or handle other maneuvers on the road.

On the Lebedev studio website, the line "Problem: Enhance road safety."  is denoted under the headliner.  As the technical explanations to the Transparentius have yet to be revealed, one being Lebedev's solution for displaying the images in broad daylight, the rest of us can only hope that a concept like this may move into reality for the benefit of all drivers, this writer included.