Transformers: Devastation trailer hits all the nostalgia notes

If you are an old Transformers fan who has been shocked, nay, scandalized by the recent adaptations, then the game silently revealed at E3 last month may have sparked (no pun intended) a bit of hope. Although Transformers: Devastation might still be a few months away, the latest gameplay trailer may have left you a bit salivating for the robot brawler yet to come. Unlike recent games, this one pays proper homage to your childhood, complete with original G1 styles, cel-shaded visuals, and that oh so satisfying transforming sound effect.

It was somewhat surprising that Transformers: Devastation wasn't given a bigger splash at E3, but perhaps it was precisely because of its nature that it was kept low key. It was everything that Michael Bay's Transformers was not, which might have clashed with marketing direction that Hasbro was trying to push. To some extent, the game is more fan service to those already rooted in the franchise than a money grab attempt to rope in fresh blood. But make no mistake, we're not complaining.

Details of the game are still quite slim at this point, but this latest gameplay clip makes it absolutely clear if it wasn't before: this is a brawler. Metal on metal action, no holds barred. But while that might almost sound boring, of course what fans will be after here will be all the Transforming action. And the legit sound that goes with it. Switch between robot and vehicle mode and back and land that fatal punch, much like how the cartoons would play in your head. In fact, the game does explicitly borrow visuals and plot from the old comics and cartoons.

The trailer ends with a face off with Devastator, which does make you wonder how you will defeat a behemoth such as him. Logically, you'd need another combiner, which doesn't seem to be part of the gameplay, quite sadly. Or you'll need the Dinobots, and Grimlock has already been name dropped.

Transformers: Devastation lands fall this year on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The game is being made by PlatinumGames, responsible for hits such as Bayonetta but sadly also for flops like The Legend of Korra.