Transformer Prime bootloader unlock now available!

This week the folks at ASUS have granted the world with a simple unlock tool for their most excellent tablet yet, the Transformer Prime. Since this first in its class for many reasons device was released, developers and so-called hackers have ben working on plans for what they're going to do with the Transformer Prime once its bootloader was unlocked, and now the fun can commence. As is true with any bootloader unlock on an Android device specifically, going forward with the process will void your contract and will make your device no longer the device it once was.

As ASUS mentions in its rules and regulations for the bootloader unlock tool, "once you activate the App you will not be able to recover your ASUS product ("Original Product") back to original locked conditions." This is of course true of any bootloader unlock tool you use, no matter what, so don't be fearful. On the other hand, if you've never unlocked the bootloader on any device you've had in the past, it's probably not the best time to do so just for the fun of it.

Unlocking your bootloader is serious business and is not recommended for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Once you've unlocked the device to that level, you reveal what's essentially the inner bits of its brain, and one false move could result in the whole system going effectively brain-dead. So go and have fun, team, and keep your belt tight for the difficult parts! Get the Bootloader Unlock tool from ASUS and forever cross your fingers!