Transcend StoreJet Cloud personal cloud storage device for iOS devices hits FCC

If you are the sort who likes to offload all you can from your iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad to keep the device uncluttered, you will appreciate this StoreJet Cloud device that has crossed the FCC. It appears to be somewhat similar to the Pogoplug that we reviewed not too long ago. The small Transcend device is also said to be getting support for Android soon.

The StoreJet Cloud is a wireless HDD that has 64GB of storage inside. The MSRP for the 64GB version is pegged at $300, which is steep for such a small amount of storage. A free app goes with the device to allow your iOS gear to connect to it. Presumably, an app will also connect the Android devices in the future too.

It can also connect to your PC using WiFi. The idea is that you can shoot content from your PC, Tablet, and smartphone over to the StoreJet Cloud rather than leaving it on your gadgets. The drive can also stream media directly from internal storage. You could shoot a video with your smartphone and then stream it to your PC with no wires. There is no word on the exact launch date at this point.

[via WirelessGoodness]