Trader Joe's edamame recalled over risky bacterial contamination

If you recently picked up a bag of frozen edamame from Trader Joe's, now is the time to give it a second look. The FDA has highlighted a new food recall concerning frozen edamame sold under the Trader Joe's brand over the risk of contamination with a bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes. The recall notes that infections caused by this bacteria can be serious in some people.

The recalled edamame was distributed in 16oz plastic packages with the brand name Trader Joe's and the product name 'Lightly Salted Edamame.' Three lots of the product have been recalled — you can find the lot numbers and other identifying details in the recall notice on the FDA's website.

The issue is Listeria, a bacteria that is often behind food recalls and that can result in a potentially deadly illness in vulnerable groups — including young kids, the elderly, frail individuals, and anyone who has a weakened immune system.

Healthy adults usually recover quickly, but still may experience troublesome symptoms, including nausea, stiffness, severe headaches, high fever, and more. The CDC notes on its website that this 'serious infection' is also a risk for pregnant women. The agency says that Listeria infections are diagnosed with a bacterial culture and are treated with antibiotics.

As for the recalled product, Tesoros Trading Co., the company behind the recall, says that the impacted edamame lots have been pulled from distribution. A source for the contamination hasn't been identified yet, but the FDA is working with Tesoros to hunt down the issue. Anyone who purchased the recalled product is encouraged to return it.