Trademark dispute could delay the iPhone's Canadian launch

We've talked a bit about the iPhone slowly making its way to Canada. We've always assumed that one of the largest hurdles to be that the only possible carrier for the iPhone is Rogers Wireless, and they have horrible data plans. As it turns out, one of the big issues is over a trademark dispute.

I can't ever think of a time where Apple has gotten into a trademark dispute with another company *cough* Cisco *cough*. Apparently Comwave has been using the trademark since sometime in 2004 for a VOIP modem. Apple did file a trademark application in 2004, although Comwave contests that they were using the iPhone name at least three months before Apple submitted their application.

I feel bad for Comwave, as they've done nothing wrong here, and Apple sort of has a history of releasing a product using a trademark that they don't own *cough* iPhone *cough*. Comwave has offered to allow Apple to purchase the name from them for an unnamed price. We'll let you know how this one turns out.

Trademark could delay iPhone in Canada [via macnn]