TP-LINK's router robotically rotates its antennas for an optimal signal

TP-LINK has rolled out three Wi-FI 6E routers for its 2022 line up. The new range is headed up by the Archer AXE200 Omni which distinguishes itself with smart antennas that use a robotic mechanism to auto-adapt their orientation for the best signal. Users can use the TP-LINK app to also manually adjust the direction of the antennas so they are optimized for single-story or multi-story buildings or anyone of a number of custom orientations.

The Archer AXE200 Omni uses a new 6GHz band that delivers speeds that can reach up to 11Gbps in ideal conditions along with the more standard 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands for tri-band functionality. To help manage its throughput and general processing, the router is fitted with a quad-core CPU (with no manufacturer specified as yet). On the rear of the device, TP-LINK has fitted a 10G port and an extra 2.5G port to help give users a variety of high-speed connectivity options.

TP-LINK Archer AXE300 and Deco XE200

The new TP-LINK Archer AXE300 with Wi-Fi 6E is the first quad-band router from the company. Like the Archer AXE200 Omni, this includes the brand new 6GHz band along with two 5 GHz bands and a single 2.4GHz band. Also like the AXE200 Omni, it is fitted with a quad-core CPU to keep things humming along as well as 10G-capable ports. While it misses out on robotic antennas, it doubles the antenna count to eight which enables it to support over 350 devices at an ultra-fast 16Gbps.

The flagship Deco XE200 tri-band mesh system with Wi-Fi 6E is TP-LINKs latest premium offering in the popular mesh router segment. It also offers the 6GHz band along with one each of the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. Devices operating on either the 6GHz band or 5GHz band can expect speeds of up to 4,804Mbps. It uses machine learning to intelligently manage the network environment for consistent connectivity throughout a home of up to 6,500 square feet. It is available in a two-pack or a three-pack, which offers even greater coverage.

TP-LINK says its trio of new routers in the coming weeks and months of the year 2022 at "competitive price points".