TP-Link TL-WN822 802.11n USB adapter has movable antenna

If you are needing a nice, fast WiFi adapter for your computer without having to crack it open or for your notebook TP-Link has a new one that promises lots of speed. The new adapter plugs into the USB port on your computer and is called the TL-WN822N. The adapter has a 1.5M USB extension cable to allow you to sit the thing on your desk on or top of your computer.

The adapter will work with Windows machines going back to Windows 2000 up to the current version of the OS. Data transmission speeds are up to 300Mbps and are fast enough for you to stream HD video using the adapter and to shoot large files around your network with ease. The adapter also has a Quick Security Setup Button that makes it a snap to enable security on your network.

The coolest feature of the little USB adapter is that the antenna can be moved forward and backwards to give you the best signal for your device. You can adjust the antenna until the signal strength is idea. Each of those antennas is a 3dBi unit offering more performance than adapters with internal antennas. The adapter is available now for $29.99.