TP-Link HomeCare adds extra security, parental controls to some routers

TP-Link has made a couple of big announcements, the first being new smart home integrations with IFTTT and Alexa. Joining those smart home integrations is TP-Link HomeCare, a product being delivered to some routers via a firmware update. With HomeCare, these select router owners get access to parental controls, as well as security via integrated malware protection and anti-virus control.

HomeCare's network security features are powered by Trend Micro, according to TP-Link, which says the software will protect all the devices on a network from things like malicious websites, hackers and more. The HomeCare feature is constantly scanning for virus patterns, the company explains, keeping them away before your computer and other items that can be infected. If a device ends up infected, it gets quarantined and the system alerts its owner to the problem.

HomeCare also brings quality-of-service to routers that support it, including the Archer C5400 and Archer C3150, the Deco M5 Whole-Home WiFi System, and it'll soon support the Archer C2300. This QoS feature, like the one found on other routers, works to prioritize and optimize traffic in a way that is best for your needs.

The service is also giving parents access to parental controls for managing how kids can use the Internet. All of this is joined by support for Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. The Alexa skills will give Echo owners the ability to control the router using voice commands, while the IFTTT integration brings automation commands and custom recipes.

The software update is available now.