Toyota to accelerate connected car plans with Big Data Center

Chris Burns - Jan 4, 2016, 4:14pm CST
Toyota to accelerate connected car plans with Big Data Center

At CES 2016 Toyota has announced that they’ll be bringing greater vehicle connectivity – smart connectivity, that is – through a new Data Communication Module (DCM). This is a software and hardware system which supports the creation and integration of smart technology into Toyota vehicles. Using Toyota’s Big Data Center to support connected services, data-sensitive tech will be made more reliable for the end user. Toyota is also making all connectivity here safer through an upcoming collaboration with UIEvolution, Inc..

Toyota will be creating their own Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC) in the Toyota Smart Center to handle the IT infrastructure needed for this project. They’ll be expanding on vehicle data processing in a very big way, and to do that, they’ll need a data center of their own. All DCM data will be handled by the TBDC and it’ll be handled under high-level information security and privacy controls.

This collaboration will allow UIEvolution to create a smartphone app that’ll use vehicle data. UIE then “provides it to third party service and app providers authorized by Toyota with UIE’s service environments.” This system will allow your smartphone to access vehicle data in a “highly secure environment” while on the go.

“Carmakers can continue to offer additional value by proactively using rapidly evolving IT technologies,” said Shigeki Tomoyama, Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation.

“In particular, we want to provide our customers with a safe, secure and convenient future mobility life.”

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