Toyota RiN hybrid is friendly to more than just the environment

If cars were like hotels, this would be the 5 star spa attached to a 5 star hotel, the one you could feel good about going to. Not only does it look fairly good, but it's a hybrid.

Now why is it worth a 5-star rating? Well, the heated seats, oxygen-level conditioner, pinpoint humidifier, and green grass growing just inside the windshield to prevent UV rays from affecting the passengers are all a really good start.

Add to that the fact that it looks like it would be really comfortable to ride in and really easy to get in and out of with that big sliding door. There is also a nice headlight feature for people outside the car, light distribution. Without looking at the seats though, it'd be kind of hard to tell which end was the front.

Toyota's 'RiN' concept hybrid car looks after the environment, the passengers, and pedestrians. Darn over-achievers! [via techdigest]