Toyota recalls another 2.8 million cars due to steering and water pump issues

I'm beginning to wonder what exactly is going on with Toyota. It seems like every time we turn around Toyota is issuing a new recall covering hundreds of thousands of its vehicles for one fault or another. Today Toyota has issued a recall on another 2.8 million cars.

The recall covers some of the automakers most popular (and boring) vehicles, including the Avensis, Corolla, and Prius. The recall covers about 75,000 cars in the UK, 496,000 across Europe, 670,000 in the United States, and 1.5 million vehicles in Japan.

The problems that forced the latest round of recalls for Toyota have to do with faulty steering systems and water pumps. Toyota says that it has not received any reports of crashes or injuries resulting from faults. On the steering problem, Toyota says that the issue was caused by "insufficient hardness" of the steering shaft, which could deform if the wheel was turned forcefully at slow speed.

The water pump issue is known to affect some Prius models. This fault could cause a fuse in the electric power circuit to blow, causing the vehicle to stall. Toyota says that most issues involved with the recalls can be fixed within an hour and a half at the dealership. Issues with the recall will be fixed at no cost to vehicle owners.

[via Guardian]