Toyota RAV4 EV ready to roll into California

Toyota announced its new all electric 2012 RAV4 SUV several months ago. The EV will go on sale in California to begin with through select dealers who focus on major metropolitan areas. Toyota has announced special financing and customer lease options for the RAV4 EV.

Toyota says that the vehicle will go on sale the week of September 24 at the previously announced MSRP of $49,800. Toyota is giving customers the option to purchase or lease with special purchase financing of 1.9% APR for qualified customers. A 36-month lease option will cost $599 per month with $3499 before driving off in the car.

Toyota plans to sell 2600 RAV4 EVs through 2014. Whether or not Toyota will be able to sell that many of the EVs remains to be seen. Toyota's electric competition such as the Nissan Leaf has been unable to meet sales targets.

The EV is expected to qualify for the California $2500 Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and is eligible for the $7500 Federal Tax Credit. The electric SUV will also qualify for the California High Occupancy Vehicle lane white sticker program. The electric RAV4 is EPA rated for a driving range of 103 miles with 78 city MPGe and 76 combined MPGe.