Toyota creates bizarre Plug-In Championship game app

If you're anything like me when you hear that Toyota has launched a new app for smartphone users, you probably assume it has something to do with cars. You would be wrong in the case of a new app that Toyota has just announced called the Plug-in Championship. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Toyota is oddly trying to create a game around plugging your smartphone or other device in to charge. Toyota says that players of the game will be able to compete with each other by timing the plug-in action of recharging their phone with a fast-moving bar that goes up the screen. I see absolutely no point to this application.

The application has a perfect possible score of 1000 points and Toyota says that immediately after plugging in your smartphone, the app will react by playing "an exhilarating video clip"and will give you a score. Toyota seems to think that players will be dying to find out who will be the first to achieve a perfect score of 1000 points.

The strange thing about this application is that it seems to create a lot of anxiety around the act of plugging in your device to charge. I wouldn't think that a company that makes plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles would want to encourage any sort of anxiety about plugging your device in. It also appears to have zero tie in with Toyota's electric car range.

[via Toyota]