Toyota and Nissan announce recalls over rollaway risk and sensor issues

Both Toyota and Nissan have issued recalls for select models they offer, with Toyota recalling a tad under 700,000 Sienna minivans and Nissan recalling over 900,000 models. In Nissan's case, some of its cars are experiencing problems with an accelerator sensor that could fail, causing the car to stall. Toyota's Sienna minivans, meanwhile, have an issue with a shift lever making a rollaway situation possible.

The 615,000 Sienna minivan models were produced and sold in the United States, while an additional 56,000 have been recalled in other nations, including Mexico, Guatemala, and Germany. The model years affected include minivans made between 2004 and 2005 and between 2007 and 2009. The issue with the models involves potential issues with the shift lock solenoid, which become damaged and allow the gear to slip out of park, allowing it to roll away.

Nissan, meanwhile, has issued a larger recall at about 900,000 vehicles, the majority of which are said to be located in Japan and the rest scattered throughout other locations. Multiple models are affected, with those located in the United States being primarily under the Infiniti brand. With these vehicles, the accelerator sensors can go bad, causing the car to be under powered and to spontaneously stall.

In the case of Nissan, no known injuries or accidents have been reported as a result of the problem, while Toyota has reported that 21 minor accidents have occurred as a result of its issue. Both of the recalls were on a voluntary basis. As with other recalls, owners of the affected vehicles will be notified and will be able to take their car to a dealership to have the problem serviced.