Toy Jeep is insanely detailed and way nicer than your Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most common off-roaders out there thanks to the fact that it is very capable and there are so many aftermarket parts that the Wrangler is like a blank canvas when stock. Wranglers aren't cheap when new and certainly aren't cheap when used. Even Wrangler toy Jeeps are expensive like this Capo Racing RC Wrangler where every single part on it works.

This little beast is 24-inches long, 10-inches high, and 10-inches wide. It has a tiny backlit dashboard, reclining seats, working driveshaft, and doors and a hood that opens. Under the hood, every little detail from the real Wrangler is there with belts, springs, air cleaners, and more.

The engine bay even has a light so you can get a better look at all the detail. The toy has a 3-speed transmission, locking diffs front and rear, and a transfer case that can switch into and out of 4x4 mode. The beast even comes with jack stands.

This thing can be just an incredibly detailed and expensive tidbit to sit on your desk, or you can cram servos and RC gear inside and take this thing out to the dirt and play. It sells for $2,300, yes, you read that right and that is just for the main kit with RC parts not included.

SOURCE: Jalopnik