Tow Hitch TV mount makes TVs in the headrest look like chump change

Vincent Nguyen - Nov 29, 2007

Are you a rapper? Baller? Shot Caller? Well chances are you probably have some lavish vehicle with candy paint, rims taller than the rest of your vehicle, and TVs in the headrest. Well that’s nothing.

Its time to re-up and get the Tow Hitch TV and up to a 50-inch LCD to mount to it. Could you imagine pulling up behind someone at a stop light and amazingly finding yourself watching a fully HD copy of a great movie like 300 or Transformers?

Personally I’d have stop driving for a while due to an odd mix of amazement and laughter. Anyways, this thing is just the bracket, and it looks like a standard VESA wall mount, but with a post to go into your trailer hitch. The TV is on you though, but it supports from 30 to 50 inches and up to 150 pounds.

And I am pretty sure it is recommended you remove the display before you “roll out”, but if you are willing to risk it just for the wow factor, I say go for it, especially at night, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to be willing to reimburse you for your newly shattered TV. Its $200 for the mount if you want it, and it would practically be great for camping, fishing, and most importantly tailgating, where you often have 2 choices, leave the party to go to your seat in the stadium, or stay and be forced to watch the game on a tiny TV or worse yet, listen to it on the radio.

Tow Hitch TV: Drive In Movies –Literally [via Wired]

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