TouchTable TT84

James Allan Brady - Feb 26, 2008

Now that’s a multi-touch table! It measures in at 67×50 inches, which according to Mr. Pythagoras is about 83.6 inches diagonally, that’s big.

It has a True UXGA resolution of 1600×1200, 7700 ANSI Lumens (that’s nearly bright enough to use outside). Since the light is measured in Lumens you can probably deduce that it’s a projection display that has a touch-sensitive projection surface. It surrounded by aluminum and has a matte-white surface.

Best of all, you can network multiple displays of this type together both in the same location and in a remote location so that two separate groups can collaborate on the same thing. No word on price or availability, but it looks like they are in productions, only thing is it will likely cost you a fortune.

[via BornRich]

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