Touchscreen DIY Coffee Machine with remote cellphone control

If you're not a complete caffeine-head then you might not realize that there's a furious coffee-machine modding scene out there, determined to tweak the best out of their (often expensive) home espresso machines.  Sometimes you can't find a good starting place, though, and then the only option is to build your own machine from scratch: that's exactly what Reko Mäenpää did, integrating a full computer, 8-inch touchscreen, WAP-portal and more.


Video demo of the coffee machine in action after the cut

Based on a 500MHz Intel Pentium 3 CPU, GeForce MX440 graphics and Windows XP, the coffee machine can be controlled either from the integrated touchscreen or via a WAP phone or remote web browser.  There's also the facility to reorder coffee remotely, and the screen can be mirrored on the home TV.  From button to cup it takes just 23 seconds.

All good stuff, but if the translation reads right it looks as though the machine uses instant coffee powder – or, more accurately, several different powders that can be custom mixed – rather than grinding fresh beans.  It's neat, certainly, but it's basically a home-made vending machine. 

[via Born Rich]