Touch Sight Camera takes photos for the blind

Brenda Barron - Aug 14, 2008

The Touch Sight camera approaches new territory, targeting the blind as the primary market and utilizing touch technology to enable those that are visually impaired to take photos and “view” them using senses other than sight. This digital camera has no LCD screen, but it does have several features specifically made for those with vision problems.

When you use the Touch Sight, pressing the shutter button takes a picture, but it also records three seconds of audio to help you in managing the photos later. As I mentioned, the camera has no LCD display, but it does have a flexible Braille sheet that embosses the photos onto it so you can touch the picture.

All of these elements are then combined to create a touchable and hearable photograph that you can then upload onto the Internet and even download onto other Touch Sight cameras. There’s no release date for this one yet, but the idea is promising. Here’s to hoping it makes it to market.

[via Ubergizmo]

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