TOSY Flying Duo Review : Like a TRON Light Disc, but real

  • Extremely bright LED lights
  • Multiple timer options
  • USB-C recharging of internal batteries
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged enough for adults and kids
  • Prohibitively costly

Today we're taking a peek at the TOSY Flying Duo – two flying toys from RoboFi that roll with LED lights aplenty. The TOSY Flying Disc and the TOSY Boomerang make up the TOSY Flying Duo, sold together in a package originally crowdfunded with Kickstarter. We've been playing with both of these devices for a couple of weeks, and they're surprisingly great.

The folks at RoboFi created a pair of unique products here. There ARE other light-up flying discs out there, to be sure. You could even go so far as to create your own, if you're particularly good at LED applications and battery balance and all that good stuff.

But the TOSY Flying Disc has what we were surprised to find was a versatile set of controls, USB-C charging, and an end product that's the same size and shape as a standard flying disc. The weight is balanced and relatively light at 175 grams.

The back (or underside) of the disc has a button to adjust brightness, another button to adjust the timer, and a USB-C port for charging the disc's internal battery.

The timer button adjusts how long you'd like the disc to stay lit once it starts to spin. If you want the disc to remain lit at all times, you can do that too. Adjustments are made in accordance with this disc's IMU sensor. That's an inertial measurement unit.

If the disc's timer is set for one of two Ultimate game modes, the disc will light up when in flight, then will begin blinking (6 times for 7" Ultimate or 9 times for 10" Ultimate) at 1-second intervals. On the last second, if the disc is not already in flight, the light will begin to blink, signaling that the person who caught disc has held the disc for too long.

The brightness of the lights go from off to "dim" (barely noticeable) all the way to extreme. You'll want to avoid staring directly at the lights when in Extreme mode.

The TOSY Boomerang is ever-so-slightly smaller than the Disc, allowing it to fit inside the rim of the Disc for easy transport (and protection while in transit). Both devices are waterproof and buoyant.

The TOSY Boomerang's shape makes it feel slightly more fragile than the Disc, but given how little damage it's shown after a couple of weeks with our less-than-careful testers, it's safe to say it's ready for adults and kids alike. The launcher isn't quite as all-ages friendly as the boomerang itself.

The boomerang comes with a pull-string launcher that accelerates the boomerang to extreme speed, allowing it to take off into the air. If you are a tiny child, this launcher will be difficult for you to manage. If you are a teenager or older, you'll be able to make this thing rip.

Below you'll see a TINY demo of both devices. More demonstrations can be found at the Kickstarter page for the product – here we're mostly aiming to show how bright the Flying Disc is even in daylight, and the point at which it begins to light up when in motion. The demo with the Boomerang shows the launch process – and the fact that it's not quite bright enough to make a difference when we're launching in bright daylight. It'll still go the distance, even without the lights, but still: night is best.

The only reason I might hesitate to suggest the Flying Duo is worth the money is the fact that their cost is beyond what you might expect for a hobby product. They're great! But they cost at least $96 (if you get them with the Kickstarter pledge before the crowdfunding period is done), and have a retail price of $120.

If you're truly dedicated to the idea that you NEED a light-up pull-string boomerang and flying disc, and don't think that's too much cash to spend on products such as these, by all means, go for it.