Toshiba TG02 Makes An Appearance at the WiFi Alliance Website

The Toshiba TG01 came out awhile back, and while it may not have been the greatest phone to release this year, it did have some promising aspects: like that huge screen and thin framework. But that didn't stop Toshiba from dropping word on the phone's successors, the TG02 and TG03, which were pictured back in April. But now it looks like the Toshiba TG02 has made another appearance. Or has it?

See, there's some confusion regarding the WiFi Alliance's website, and the fact that the TG02 they have listed, isn't necessarily the TG02 we were expecting. It looks like the TG02 is a clamshell phone, though the pictures we saw of it back in April don't reflect that at all. And what makes it even more confusing, is the fact that the WiFi Alliance's recent certification shows that the TG02 has a model number of TM5-E01. It's strange, considering that phone has already cleared the FCC months ago, and while the statistics showed a clamshell phone, the pictures clearly showed a TG01-inspired handset.

There's obviously nothing official regarding the TG02, or whatever phone has cleared the WiFi Alliance, and the confusion is pretty bad. Diving further into the TM5-E01 ordeal, other sites like, has it that the TG02 is based on the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, featuring only a 3" touchscreen internal display and a 0.8" inch external screen. A full QWERTY keyboard comes for the ride, too. So, what should we expect? Or will it be like the TG01 and never see these shores?

[via UnWired View]