Toshiba's CAMILEO line getting three new full HD camcorders

Toshiba took some time at IFA 2012 today to announce three new cameras in its CAMILEO line of full HD camcorders. Sticking with the trend of the line, all three of these cameras can record video in 1080p resolution, and each one is geared toward a different subset of users. As you can see from the image below, there all quite small as well, which means that portability probably isn't going to be an issue.

First we have the CAMILEO S40, which is being marketed as a "pocketable" camcorder that still delivers when it comes to performance. It sports a pistol grip design, comes in four different colors (silver, turquoise, orange, purple), and features a 5x digital zoom that is helped along by electronic image stabilization. On the back we have a 3-inch LCD touchscreen that features an icon-based GUI, and this camera also comes equipped with CAMILEO's Uploader Software so you can share what you've shot easily. Finally, the S40 comes with mini HDMI and micro USB ports, allowing you to connect it to your other devices and playback video on a larger screen.

Next up is the CAMILEO X150, which is a palm-held camcorder aimed at those who need to get an up-close shot while still maintaining 1080p quality. It features a 10x optical zoom, and allows users to snap pictures while recording video. It also comes equipped with smile detection and face detection, meaning that not only will your pictures be in-focus, but you also won't be snapping pictures of awkward faces as often. Just like the S40, the X150 comes with a 3-inch LCD touchscreen, along with mini HDMI and micro USB ports for easy playback.

Wrapping up Toshiba's triple reveal, we have the CAMILEO BW20, which is for those who need a camera that can withstand a few hits. It can handle falls from up to 1.5 meters, and is waterproof down to five meters for up to 30 minutes. It can record in low-light settings all the way down to 2lux, and comes with an anti-glare 2-inch LCD screen so you can review what you've shot even with the Sun bearing down on you. As with the cameras before it, this one also features mini HDMI and micro USB ports.

It's also worth pointing out that all three of these cameras come equipped with an LED flashlight and a multi-card slot. There isn't any pricing information on these camcorders yet, and Toshiba hasn't announced a release date either, saying that they'll be available in the UK starting in Q4 2012. Stay tuned, because we'll have more details for you once Toshiba dishes more information.