Toshiba Z3500 LCD TVs powered by Linux

You can find Linux OS in many gadgets, appliances, and computers but Toshiba is using it on its new Z3500 LCD TVs in Japan. Toshiba combined its new Z3500 series LCD TV and PC that is powered by Linux underneath it.

It features three Ethernet port to allow media content transfers between the TV unit and DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliances) devices or Toshiba VARDIA recorders. The TV unit also supports external HDD storage for recording TV shows using USB ports.

It is available in size of 37, 42, 46, 52, and 57 inch. All size is capable of displaying 1080p at 24 to 60 frames per second on a 120Hz LCD panel. It also sports three HDMI input with deep color support. The new Z3500 series will go on sale in late September 2007 and the starting price will be $3153.

Toshiba TV works under Linux [via Smart Home Blog]