Toshiba unveils new image processor for Regza TV

Part of what helps to make the video playback on your TV look nice and smooth is a video processor that is inside the machine. Toshiba has announced a new image processor for its Regza TVs that is called the Regza Engine Cevo. The new Cevo processor was unveiled yesterday at a conference Toshiba held to announce a new series of TVs.

The new TV line that will use the processor is the Regza Z2 series. The new processor marks the first full change in the model line in four years for Toshiba. The Cevo includes a MCP that has three chips on on package. The main chip is a dual-core logic unit using 40nm tech. the other chips in the new engine are built on 65nm process.

The dual core processor is able to process 3.4 times more processing capability than the older Regza Engine. The new chip has high-performance circuits with a super-resolution function and a graphic function that use multiple frames. Toshiba isn't making the processor for its own use. The existing Regza Engine has only one chip.

[via TechOn]