Toshiba unveils cool portable USB-powered 14-inch LCD

I work in my office most of the time with a gigantic LCD that lets me get all sorts of stuff on the screen at one time. I can hardly work on a screen under 24-inches without getting frustrated at having to move windows around all the time. I really don't like traveling and having to work from a laptop with the tiny screen I am forced to use.

Toshiba has a new portable LCD called the Mobile LCD monitor that will make working from a notebook or netbook a bit easier thanks to extra screen space. The little LCD is a 14-inch unit and it is inside a little leather case that will prop it up for easy viewing. The coolest part about the LCD is that it needs no AC adapter.

The screen gets all the power it needs from the USB port on your computer. That USB port also sends the video out to the screen as well. The resolution of the 14-inch screen is 1366 x 768 and the screen is the same panel that Toshiba uses inside its 14-inch notebooks. The USB video is powered by DisplayLink tech. The Mobile Monitor is available to buy right now for $199.99.