Toshiba unveils 16GB SDHC TransferJet media card

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 4, 2015, 4:09pm CDT
Toshiba unveils 16GB SDHC TransferJet media card

Toshiba has introduced its new 16GB SDHC card at IFA in Berlin, and with it comes both Class 10 memory and support for the maker’s TransferJet close proximity technology. Using this wireless technology, users are able to transfer videos and photos from a camera to a mobile device or computer with a TransferJet adapter. 

The company first introduced this card specifically for the Japanese market in July. Using TransferJet technology, users are able to transfer content wirelessly between devices at speeds up to 560Mbps; the transfer, much like NFC, is initiated by tapping the two TransferJet devices together.

Both Android and iOS devices are supported via micro USB and lightning adapters. Toshiba says connections are secured between the two devices, as well, to keep others from snagging the goods. The TransferJet mobile app must be installed on the recipient device for the transfer to work.

Toshiba has not revealed pricing and availability at this time, but had previously announced the card for Japan. Whether it will be arriving for the US market and elsewhere is not clear, nor is the pricing at this time. Hit up the timeline below for more Toshiba news!

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