Toshiba Transmemory Gets ReadyBoost Upgrade

For those using Windows Vista, you probably know that if you really push it, it can get pretty resource intensive, thankfully Microsoft was kind enough to implement a great technology into the OS known as ReadyBoost. These upgraded Transmemory drives, I assume, have a higher transfer speed allowing them to be used quite effectively as ReadyBoost drives.

The U2K line consists of 1, 2, 4, and 8 gigabyte sizes. There will also be a limited edition 32GB version.

Pricing is $200 for the 8GB one and $665 for the 32GB one. They should be available in October and December for the limited edition one. God knows what you need a 32GB flash drive for, but more power to you for buying one, I mean last time I checked the recommended ratio for ReadyBoost was twice whatever your system RAM was, so I suppose if you have a new Mac Pro running Vista you could have 16GB of RAM.

Toshiba Upgrades Transmemory USB Flash Drives [via Crunchgear]