Toshiba to blend design groups for TVs, PCs and tablets

Toshiba announced some new plans today that it will implement a company-wide reorganization of its television business in Japan, completely merging its design team between TVs, PCs and tablet groups. The idea is to create "fusion products" Toshiba said, so that its product lines can be more simplified.

Toshiba had always kept development for its TVs and computers separate, but will be combining them at a complex located in Tokyo. At the same time, some of its production will be moved out of Japan to be outsourced by foreign manufacturers. The company has about 30,000 employees and will be relocating about 1,000 of them.

The reorganization will promote the creation of products that bring together traits from traditional categories of televisions, tablets and computers. The moves come as a result of a pretty steep decline in demand for televisions in Japan as well as rapid price erosion. Toshiba said that the reorganization will also help it deliver to the growing demand from emerging and regional markets.

[via PC World]