Toshiba Satellite T31 comes with both XP and Vista

I like it when electronics manufacturers make their businesses more like McDonalds so I can have it my way. To this end, Toshiba has recently started selling a notebook, the Satellite T31, which comes with both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

That makes the choice to stick with XP so much easier. I recently got a Toshiba notebook and was saddened when I turned it on and it had Vista, so I got a copy of XP from Uni and installed that.

This notebook doesn't really come with both pre-installed, likely it has Vista pre-installed, but it comes with the recovery discs for both, so if you want XP, just insert those recovery discs and you are set, no searching for XP drivers, or debating whether the bundled apps are worth keeping Vista, all that comes with both sets of recovery discs, the only difference is the OS. The laptop itself isn't all that bad either featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2GHz CPU, a GM965 chipset, 15" WXGA LCD, and some sort of hard drive/memory configuration and likely an optical drive, no word on exactly what those are though.

Toshiba T31, the first notebook with Both XP and Vista! [via akihabra news]