Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904 now shipping at Best Buy

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You might recall that the Toshiba Satellite E205 was unveiled at CES this month as a Best Buy exclusive machine and we talked about it a bit at the time. When we first heard about the notebook, it was pegged at a price of $999. The coolest feature of the notebook was certainly the wireless display tech that it includes for streaming video to your TV without needing wires.Best Buy is now shipping the notebook, and it's cheaper than we first heard at $899.99. The machine uses an Intel Core i5-430M CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of storage. It has a 14-inch screen and includes a Netgear Push2TV adapter and Kaspersky anti-virus software for the price.

The machine has integrated Intel Wireless Display technology to support the Netgear adapter right out of the box. Together the Intel tech and the Netgear adapter will let you do things like watch Hulu shows on your big screen in the living room with no fuss or wires between the two devices.