Toshiba REGZA ZG1 & F1 3DTV Models Announced, Heading to Japan

Evan Selleck - Jul 28, 2010
Toshiba REGZA ZG1 & F1 3DTV Models Announced, Heading to Japan

The 3D movement isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and as long as the TVs that power that technology in our living rooms start lowering those staggering prices, we can honestly say that it’s probably only going to get broader before it dies away. Thanks to Toshiba, there are a few new 3DTVs coming to the market, but you can be the judge on whether or not they’re helping the “cheaper” cause.

That’s not saying that these new sets don’t have plenty of features. Because they do. And the 55-inch F1 is remarkably thin (which is pictured below). These 3D LCDs are supposed to be for the rest of us, and come in a variety of sizes. The REGZA ZG1 series will come in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch models. The F1 series has two sizes: 46-inches and 55-inches. As for other features, you’re looking at: 240Hz full-HD 3D panels; LED backlight; DLNA support; web connectivity; 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; USB HDD connectivity; and four HDMI ports.

Like we said above, that 55-inch F1 is remarkably thin. It measures in at only 29mm. All five of these 3DTVs are shipping to Japan soon. The F1 models should show up in retailers starting next month, while the ZG1s won’t show up until October. As for pricing, you’ll have to pay $3,760 for the 46-inch F1, and $4,900 for the 55inch model. As for the 42-inch ZG1, that’ll go for $3,200. The 47- and 55-inch models will be yours for $4,000 and $5,100 respectively. So, what do you think? Easy enough on the bank account or what?

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