Toshiba Regza 19P2 HDTV can run on battery for three hours

Toshiba has unveiled a new TV in Japan that is very interesting. The set is called the Regza 19P2. As the model name hints, the TV has a 19-inch screen and is LED backlit to save power. The TV will ship early next month. The TV has a special battery pack that slips into the back of the set. In a power, outage where you still need to get weather information or want to finish your favorite show you can press a button to keep watching using the battery.

The battery is claimed to last about three hours with a five-hour charge. The TV will automatically adjust settings when on the battery to extended runtime. The screen brightness is reduced by about 18% on the battery. The set also has an integrated Seg TV tuner for picking up OTA broadcasts. Toshiba is mum on pricing of the set at this time.

The battery pack is sold separately. The battery can be set to charge at night only when power is cheaper if the owner wants to be as frugal as possible. The TV also has a wireless remote control and a 720p HD resolution. Connectivity includes HDMI, and other video inputs. The set needs 30W in use and 0.4W in standby mode.

[via Toshiba]