Toshiba recalls batteries - the explosive battery saga continues

I never thought I would be writing about the "burst in flame" laptop battery entry again. Sadly, yet another battery incident has made a Toshiba laptop went up in flame. Toshiba is trying hard to notify its customers in regards of the battery recall.

There were two-reported previous incidents before the recent one in May 24th where an office desk was burned by the flame bursting laptop. Toshiba is also in talks with Sony about the reimbursement for those recalled batteries.

According to Sony, the culprit of these incidents were the microscopic metal particles that accidentally got inside the batteries and causing a short circuit. So if you own a Toshiba laptop, check Toshiba's website for the recall information.

Sony Battery Catches Fire; Toshiba 'Redoubles" Recall Efforts [via CRN]